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The Future Of Computer Certification Exams by muzamil atique

The structure and problems of computer certification exams is never stand still. When I took my first certification examination (Novell NetWare 3.1x CNA, Jan 1997), there was no such factor as a simulator query, and my realistic abilities really were not examined. The exams then were much bulkier on recall abilities.

One aspect that assisted to make up for that was that the Novell exams were adapted. If you skipped a query on a particular subject, you would keep be requested concerns about that subject until you got it right. You couldn’t manage to be poor in any subject, because the examination would most likely discover that out and keep reaching you with concerns on that subject until you unsuccessful.

Adding to the pressure, after a certain variety of concerns your examination could end whenever you want. You had no concept how many concerns you would get, just that you would get at least 15. Whenever you hit the “next” key after query 15, you didn't know if you’d get another query or if the examination would instantly end and provides you a successfully pass or don't succeed reaction.

Times have modified. 'cisco' has led the way in presenting simulator concerns to their exams, where the applicant is provided with a simulator of a wireless router or system and requested to execute projects that someone who is prepared to generate that certification should be able to execute. This is a much better analyze of proficiency than the exams were eight decades ago.

What will be the next “big jump” in computer certification exams? To generate the world’s most challenging technological certification, the CCIE, the applicant must first successfully pass a extensive 100-question certification examination, and must then successfully pass a realistic lab examination. The applicant is provided with an accurate set of system specifications and must develop that system on a pod of 'cisco' routers and changes in less than eight time.

This is just personal opinion and not “insider information”, but I believe the day will come when the CCNA, CCNP, and other Cisco certifications will require some kind of hands-on practical lab to earn the certification. What better way to test competency than to have to perform tasks on real Cisco equipment? There would be more overhead for Cisco with this kind of testing, since lab equipment and lab proctors would be needed, but the already-prized CCNA and CCNP would become that much more valuable in the workplace if employers knew that to earn that certification, the job candidate had to pass a hands-on exam.

This would advantage the applicants as well, since it would do an even better job in defending their financial commitment in cash. This could also be the next phase in ferretting out applicants who try to get previous the CCNA and CCNP examinations via braindumps. As I always tell my learners and clients, when you’re status at the front side of that wireless router or change, there is no several option … you either know it or you don’t!

Cisco Certification The Importance Of Building Your Own Home Lab

CCNAs and CCNA applicants listen to it all the time: “Get some hands-on experience”. From my individual expertise going up the the 'cisco' documentation steps, I can tell you direct that there is no studying like hands-on studying. No simulation on the globe is going to provide you the encounter you will get wiring and establishing your own routers.

Whenever I discuss this to one of my learners, they always say it expenses too much. The fact is, it is less expensive now to develop your own CCNA and CCNP lab than it has ever been. The secret? Used routers.

The term “used” changes off a lot of individuals not many of us buy used computer systems or used web servers. 'cisco' routers, though, are effective I individually own a 'cisco' 4000 wireless router that I use as a Structure Pass on change in my lab that I've had for about four decades, and I've never had a issue with it.

The great information for present CCNA and CCNP applicants enthusiastic about developing their own laboratories is that used 'cisco' devices has never been more numerous or less expensive. eBay is a excellent way to get an concept of what’s out there and what the expenses are, but you don’t have to set up your lab one part at some point. Many eBay providers who offer used 'cisco' devices offer ready-made CCNA and CCNP laboratories for one cost, such as wires. I individually suggest for your lab needs, and there are many other providers as well.

And should you want to offer your lab after you finish your documentation, you can either settle a cost with the source who marketed it to you, or you can offer it yourself on auction web sites. It’s my encounter that 95% of applicants who generate their CCNA go on to engage in their CCNP within one season, though, so don’t offer it too easily.

In the end, you invest only a few $ 100, and you obtain important encounter and information that will help you both in your documentation pursuit and your job efficiency. Having been there, I can tell you that you will understand much more from actually establishing and wiring your own devices than you ever will from any simulator of the genuine factor.

How To Succeed In A Technological Job Meeting by muzamil atique

Ah, the technical interview. Nothing like it. Not only does it cause stress, but it causes stress for several different factors.

How many individuals will be asking questions? From encounter I can tell you there’s nothing like strolling into a space and seeing nine individuals on the other part of the desk.

Second, what will you be asked? You’ll sometimes listen to individuals say the concerns they were requested in a technical interview were “easy”, which converted indicates “they requested me things I occurred to know”. Sometimes you’ll listen to individuals say the concerns were “hard”, which converted indicates “they requested me things I didn't know”, or “they requested me about things I've never even observed of”.

Having been on both ends of the technical interview desk, I’d like to discuss some guidelines for those being questioned. In doing so, I’ll discuss some of the more unforgettable discussions I've been engaged in.

No excellent interview panel member desires you to know everything. The issue is, you’re not always going to be questioned by someone who’s excellent at it. Sometimes, the individual who’s providing you a technical interview was requested to do it about ten moments before you revealed up. Maybe they've never questioned anyone before, or maybe they’re just in a bad feelings. I've observed of technical hiring managers where the interview panel member criticized an reaction, and that’s completely not professional. I've had many a job applicant provide a bad reaction to a query, and my only reaction was quiet followed by shifting on to the next query. If your interview panel member makes fun of any of your solutions, you didn't want to perform there anyway.

None of us know everything. If you’re requested a query you just don’t know the reaction to, don’t try to BS your way previous it. This is a excellent chance to tell the interview panel member how you would analysis that particular query. It’s not about understanding everything, it’s about being able to discover out anything.

If your interviewer acts like he/she already dislikes you, that’s because they do. I once worked with a technician who felt threatened by anyone who applied for a job there, but especially if the applicant had a professional certification and then had the nerve to know what they were doing.

This technician participated in a group technical interview where the applicant was an incredibly bright guy, and had a particular skill that the department really needed. Problem was, the technician considered himself “the man” when it came to that skill. Recipe for disaster, right?

The applicant fielded four questions from the rest of us flawlessly, then faced this particular tech for a question. The threatened tech had a list of questions for the interview, but decided to ad lib. Big mistake. He asked a convoluted question that Rube Goldberg would have been proud of. When he was done, the applicant answered:
“You can’t do what you just described.”

The tech started defending his question, and it became obvious that he hadn't been able to follow his own question! The interview went into a bit of a meltdown from there.

Realize right now that there are some unprofessional people out there giving technical interviews. Be prepared for it, but remain professional yourself.

Be ready for a realistic technological meeting. The best technological hiring managers discover a way to get you at the front side of the technological innovation you’ll be dealing with. An excellent way to identify out whether you know what you’re referring to is to ask you to actually execute typical and perhaps some not-so-common projects. We can discuss technological innovation and take all the computer-based examinations we want, but it all comes down to efficiency. Be ready to confirm you are supposed to be on your meeting day.

Be expert. This includes a lot of floor, so let me create a fast record for you.

Show up 15 moments beginning. Nothing creates a technological interview panel member more surly than awaiting the candidate.

Dress for achievements. The way you look when you move into a space results in your interviewer’s first impact of you.
Don’t eat gum during the meeting.

Don’t be conceited. Look, there’s nothing incorrect with having an ego and performing assured. I do, and you should. But don’t come into the meeting space performing like you’re too excellent to be there.

Finally, rest. Simple to say, difficult to do? Not really. Understand that most hiring managers you’ll ever fulfill are going to be expert about the whole factor. The world’s not going to end if you skip a query. If you were not certified on document for the job, you wouldn't be in there.

Do not look upon the meeting as something adverse. Rather, look at it as an probability to confirm you know what you’re referring to. With the appropriate psychological mind-set, your technological meeting will be a springboard to the next phase in your career!

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Here Are 3 Reasons Why You have to have a blog

This post describes the causes why having a site is important  for each on-line and offline company trying to raise net profits. I have read plenty of narratives by individuals who have created and are producing a lot of money online without having private websites, who have created and are producing a lot of money online}. And that is true.So, you do not always have to website before creating cash online. But having a website will improve your odds of succeeding as it is just like a system for just about any online enterprise.
I have never noticed anyone claim that setting up a site reduced their|her or his} on-line income Instead, a website will bring you more cash (particularly in the lengthy phrase). And that describes why you need to start out using a site by along side it
Away the undeniable fact that sharing wisdom and experience with the others -- through a site -- would cause you to feel executed in a way,there are different reasons why you need to possess a website. These grounds additionally drive home the level that blogging can improve your net profits from online company.
Here are three factors why you are in need of a website for the internet business:

1. A weblog brings do it again customers/traffic

A weblog is the on the internet edition of a shop, which helps you display the value you have to offer to individuals who might be interested in it.

If you provide your solutions as a freelance worker, your weblog site can provide as your profile. If you sell other individuals items or solutions (affiliate marketing), you can use a weblog as your collection. Even if you’re just discussing your knowledge, skills, or some idea, your weblog site is your megaphone. So, a weblog can provide to advertise any on the internet (or offline) company.

An internet professional without a weblog is a like a product salesperson without a catalog; prospective customers won't circulation to him automatically. But by running a weblog, you can entice plenty of prospective customers by osmosis.

And they’ll take whatever action you expect from them, even without you informing them. (And remember, the more guests you entice, the more cash you’ll create.)

2. A weblog shows that you're credible

For example, I'm a independent blog author. And the truth is, I started making more cash after I created a weblog for my independent company than I was doing before that. The reason isn’t cryptography; I created more cash simply because the weblog enhanced my reliability, created customers believe in me and my skills the more, and represented me as an professional author.

If you're an internet professional, for example, writing a blog can be a very good opportunity for suggesting and advertising items or solutions to audience. As an details professional, you’ll earn more cash by creating a weblog that features lots of details on how guests can benefit from your product — rather than create a fixed page website and punch up a product sales duplicate that may not turn.

So, having a blog will make you even more money than you will make (or may already be making) from freelancing, information marketing, affiliate marketing, or whatever online business you’re into.
3. Blogging rakes in profits from different channels
Regardless of your main purpose of starting a blog, it can fetch you income from additional channels, such as sales of ad space to advertisers, contextual ads (Adsense, etc.), sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, consulting, and so on.

This will provide you with other sources of earnings should your main earnings channel fall apart suddenly.

(But keep in mind that it needs time to build a weblog that generates decent cash continually from multiple earnings programs.)

Bottom line

If you’re of the attitude that you can generate earnings on the internet — or you’re creating the cash already — without your own weblog or website, that’s cool. However, if you want to begin to make big cash on the internet sooner than you ever imaginedFree Articles, I recommend that you begin a weblog.

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Tips on Creating Search Engine SEO friendly Web Pages


What point is there in having a web page that nobody sees? The biggest source of 100 % free web traffic for most sites on the Online comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN etc. Therefore, if you design search engines friendly or a website with Seo in mind you are likely to achieve greater rankings searching engine results and get more useful 100 % free visitors for yourself.
The Big 3 search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo! and MSN use internet spiders known as web spiders or spiders to spider and catalog sites which they then can list within their search engines webpages. Most spiders follow hyperlinks to a web page then read the text content of the website and create a record of it in their own database… this allows the search engines to pull up the record at any time as people finder for it.

In order to create it as easy as possible for the search engines to catalog and spider and catalog your website, the use of supports on your web page should be prevented. Frames can often mix up search engine spiders and many spiders have difficulty record webpages created with the use of supports. They could even leave your website without creeping it any further if it is not search engine friendly enough. In addition, supports can create it difficult for users to add a save a particular web page on your web page without using certain long and complex programs.

Don’t put valuable text content inside flash movies or in images… remember search engine robots can only read the text on your website source code. Therefore if crucial text is presented in flash movies and or inside images rather than the readable textual form, your website’s search engine rankings could be affected dramatically.

Correct use of meta tags on each page is essential, especially correct use of titles and descriptions. This will allow search engine robots to understand straight away what your web pages are about and whether or not to index it. Correct use of meta tags helps to make the search engine robot's job easier so they may be encouraged to crawl your site more often.

Stop using old design HTML methods like tables and font labels to design your web page. Instead use div labels and CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. This is because div labels and CSS are a more online look for engine friendly method and are also more efficient. With the use of div labels and CSS, you can eliminate old design HTML labels and your pages will be much lighter and faster to load.

Make sure that you always put the writing you want to be discovered for on one's whole body written text of your web page with your most important look for phrases near the top or beginning of your whole body written text. For example, if your main keyword is natural icons put the key-phrase natural icons in the first sentence of your whole body written text and repeat the phrase a few more times throughout the site preferably also somewhere in bold or strong written text. Always remember that if you don’t put your main look for phrases on your whole body written text and also in your titles and meta data etc you make it much harder for your site to be discovered in look for engine results.

SEO Tips for Small Meduim Scale Businesses

If you want to generate highest possible benefit on the internet then seo is the best option. It is appropriate for all types and dimensions of companies. Generally, SEO professional can make your web page appear on top with the keywords that you feel would be most appropriate according to characteristics of your organization. Top positions of your web page helps a lot in getting authentic guests towards your web page which in turn results in alterations or sales. Many big organization brings takes an in-depth look into any organization's web page before making any decision about working together with them, thus site's quality talks a lot about any particular organization. From the SEO perspective, web page should be powerful enough to capture the sight of guests and make them surf several webpages.

To be on top of opponent's web page is the major need of many organizations. The best way to be on top and above your opponent's web page is to keep on upgrading your web page on consistent foundation. It is always going to dissatisfy you with regards to losing guests, if your web page is containing information that is not modified and does not fulfill prospective clients that has been arrived to your websites. It is also compulsory to use all the newest technological innovation in your web page so that it does not make a impact that the webmaster is unaware about new technological innovation that could make the organization more effective. The organizations that are seriously enthusiastic about keeping positive picture would keep on upgrading content and technology.

Any web page, whether big or small would be able to run effective organization only if it's easy to get situated and found by the public. It is suggested to seek the services of an SEO professional right from the beginning at the time of starting internet organization enterprise. Choosing experts won't cost you much but performs a crucial part in improving your on the internet income.

Many website owners have strong belief that their websites would make them increase online sales if loads of flash presentation and images is added to the website but search engines don't like to crawl flash based content and images. Moreover, Flash Animations are high on budget and needs much maintenance plus updation. Hence, if your website is having excessive use of this technology then you should take professional help to design a balanced website with limited used of flash and images.

There are many website that has heavy packed homepage or introduction web page that needs a chance to fill which makes bad impression and usually guests gets disappointed when your homepage needs a chance to fill and want to stop from your website and jump to your opponent's site. No matter how attractive your site's pages are designed, if the guests are kept waiting than there are more chances that guests would want to leave your website.

These are some useful tips for small as well as method scale companies for choosing professional SEO experts that can increase their online income. 

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Do Financial Banking Websites Need Unique Web Online hosting service Services

Do Financial Banking Websites Need Unique Web Online hosting service Services

 From Online Financial to Online Shopping, many people wonder whether financial institutions use special hosts or web servers with better protection. Over the years financial institutions have started using a mix of various technological innovation to protect and secure their customer's information from illegal or harmful activity. This article points out some ways in which your net banking dealings are protected by the lender.

 Separated Online hosting service

 Banks mostly do not delegate their web hosting or application hosting features. They prefer to do everything in-house. This means that they actually spend a space or maybe even a building to home their IT features. This is done to separate all their techniques from any disturbance or protection risks. They sustain the web servers in server space and have in-house staff to take care of them 24 / 7. This expense is highly validated especially when you compare the risk and responsibility involved in case of banking scammers. Some financial institutions do delegate their back-up techniques to third party providers, just to sustain a remote location back-up to be prepared. All the information is safely saved on all web servers managing the information. Even the Online Connection given to financial institutions is a rented range i.e. a range devoted to the lender, which operates directly from the ISP to their facility. This guarantees constant connection for the financial institutions network and also helps to make sure solitude from other traffic, disturbance or interception. Banks cannot use Distributed Online hosting service, especially to sustain control and versatility and also to make sure privacy.

Encrypted Records
All traffic to and from the banks servers are encrypted to prevent any leak of data or any compromise of financial information. Even between the main office and branches, the entire communication channel is encrypted and all messages sent through the network are immune to tapping by unauthorized persons. It would be disastrous if a message being relayed by a bank's branch or bank officer is manipulated to cause a wrongful financial loss or gain to any person. This means that from the sender's end right upto the receiving end, the entire communication needs to be secret. Conventional hosting may not be a good option for the bank as encryption systems and security mechanisms may not be standard across various hosts.
Backups are taken in different forms at different times. Many banks mirror the data on their servers in real time so that failure of any Hardware will not result in loss of data. There is always redundancy in every aspect of the banks network. This means that every bit of hardware has a standby replacement ready for replacement incase the original fails. This minimizes downtime and helps the bank recover from a disaster. Banks also keep copies of the data stored outside their premises or in different locations or maybe even a different city, to help mitigate any risk of destruction or loss of the data. A Singapore based bank sends its yearly backups to its office in India, to ensure that in case of any natural or man made disaster hitting their locality or even city, their data is atleast safe and backed up. Banks are becoming more backup conscious especially in the light of the global terrorism scenario.

 Protection and Monitoring

Just like financial institutions need actual security, their IT facilities needs exclusive security as well. The places where their web servers and details facilities are located need to be properly secured and secured to avoid actual accessibility the details on the systems. Banks preferably have all their saved details in properly secured structure, hence even if it is thieved, without the accessibility qualifications, the details will be trash for the criminals. Even if they can recover the data files and records, chances are that they will never be able to do much with them. Banks have a devoted IT group to look after and observe the sources 24 / 7. They may also delegate tracking of their IT infra to various exterior organizations, in case they are managing some delicate or country specific details on those web servers. Apart from this, a group of system professionals is always on stand by to initiate

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